There’s Something Wrong with Us

There’s something wrong with the way we exist. What is it exactly? its difficult to articulate, it evades capture, stare at the problem too long and it shifts its weight out of sight. The problem exists in the peripheries, its ephemeral, hovering over us like a dim mist, insoluble, incurable, irresolute. We can sense it, fogging our view like condensation on a windscreen, we swipe … Continue reading There’s Something Wrong with Us

You Beautiful Bl*ggers

Let us Revel in our Unique Sameness What makes you unique? It’s a daunting question. In an overpopulated and increasingly connected world we are so often reminded of the insignificant and fleeting role we perform upon the grand stage of existence. The population of the UK is 66.4 million, population of Europe: 741.4 million, the world: 7.8 billion. Over 100 billion people have been and … Continue reading You Beautiful Bl*ggers

Just Be Yourself. Who?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Be yourself. That is certainly some sound advice. No doubt we have all been soothed with such sage wisdom at various critical points throughout our lives. Often preceded by the mother of all red flags, ‘just‘. As if anything in life was ever just that easy. Nervous about an upcoming job interview? Just be yourself. … Continue reading Just Be Yourself. Who?