You Beautiful Bl*ggers

Let us Revel in our Unique Sameness

What makes you unique? It’s a daunting question. In an overpopulated and increasingly connected world we are so often reminded of the insignificant and fleeting role we perform upon the grand stage of existence. The population of the UK is 66.4 million, population of Europe: 741.4 million, the world: 7.8 billion. Over 100 billion people have been and gone before you were even conceived and over 350 thousand new lives are birthed into this world every. single. day. You are one of 7 billion, populating a rock housed withing a spec of a galaxy containing at least 100 billion similar rocks, floating within an infinite universe along with 200 trillion other specs of light. You are a product of everything and everyone who has come before you and a mere footnote for everything that will ever be.

So I ask you again, what makes you unique? Surely the only logical answer, when faced with all the facts of your infinitesimal and oh too brief existence, is that you are not unique. Right? So you like to travel, learn, experience new things, read, write, listen to music, watch films, socialise, make love…who doesn’t? You may be into exploring those little known corners of the world that few others even know exist, you may take the hidden path, read the independently published works, write in some underappreciated post-post modern style, go to the underground gigs, watch the indie movies, chill with hipster friends, hell you may even be into some kinkier than sin, make your parents ashamed, shit in the bedroom. But are you the first? Fuck no. There is a travel guide, fan club and pornhub category for every single conceivable human want and action. In the immortal words of The Beatles;

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done

Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung

All You Need is Love

Now for a little aside, before bringing this all back round and firing it home for the home run. I started blogging a little over two weeks ago, as an excuse to sit down with my own thoughts, to give voice to some of the more depressing feelings I have been experiencing and to try and make sense of just what exactly it means to be me. I needed an outlet. A way to exorcise the demons plaguing my every waking thought and banish them to the permanence of the written word. I had never actively read another persons blog and I didn’t really intend to. Nor did I expect others to read mine, I write in anonymity and I have not told another living soul what I am doing. I treated my first post, and continue to do so, as a private entry into my own personal diary. I made peace with the fact that no-one would ever be subjected to my incoherent and conceited ramblings, my writing would be relegated to the dusty cobwebbed corners of the unknowable, infinite internet. I was cool with that, at least my thoughts would be given physicality somewhere.

My first post received 3 likes. 3?! I was dumbfounded. How had these people found me? I thought I was safe amongst the trillions of other innocuous internet posts, cloaked as I was in my anonymity and self absorbed ramblings. I never in my wildest dreams expected other living beings to be remotely interested in what I had to say. And yet here I was, with three unique and beautiful souls from across the hemisphere, giving up there precious spare time to listen to what I had to say. I had touched their hearts, and they in turn touched mine. I felt blessed. I knew I owed it to these brave and intrepid explorers to return the favour and see what they themselves were writing about. I was hooked from the word go. For the past two days I have been well and truly down the rabbit hole, for two full moons I have not seen the light of day, neither friends nor family have been graced with my presence, I have found myself absolutely lost in this personally uncharted world of bloggers. It has been a beautiful and soulful experience.

A perfunctory glance at the blogger-sphere may confirm your worst fears, we are indeed un-unique. Everybody talks about the same things. Travel, love, hobbies, pain. We circle these universal topics like buzzards unable to let go of a free meal. Yet a closer glance reveals we are anything but the same beasts. True enough, there is a commonality to the human existence, we all love, laugh and suffer throughout our lives. Yet the ways in which we experience these events, come to terms with them and articulate ourselves is anything but common. Every single post I have read and continue to read, is unique. No two words are ever the same. We are all out here just trying to be heard, to make sense of our experiences, to find our place in the world. So many of us are struggling in distinctly unique and terrifying ways and yet for every stranger lost, there is another stranger trying to help you in a distinctly unique and beautiful way. You express yourselves with dignity, you write with heart, you open up in a way that makes me feel like I can truly see you, despite the fact that we have never met and may never do so. You create poetry, art, life, the likes of which the world has never seen, and will never be replicated again. Sure you may walk the same path as others, your experiences may be similar, your likes and interests overlapping, but nobody will ever capture them exactly as you do. You inspire me.

They say you if you leave enough monkeys in a room with typewriters for long enough, they will create the entire works of Shakespeare. That may be true, but they will never capture the heart. That is what makes us unique.

There is a beauty in the commonality of the human experience and the unique ways in which we all travel on our individual paths. I wrote in greater length in my previous blog post about the need for us fellow bloggers to network and connect on a deeper level. Today I feel that truth more than ever. Let us seek comfort in our sameness, and find joy in our difference. We are all hear writing, reading and creating because we demand more from our existence. Let us like, follow and comment our way to a closer community. Let us revel in our unique sameness.

#Youareunique #secondsteptogether

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